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January 5, 2011
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Vault Brain by DanShive Vault Brain by DanShive
Follow the adventures of Vault Brain on twitter (at least until I get bored with the idea): [link]

I finally got around to playing Fallout 3 towards the end of last year, and got hooked on it. On my first play through of the game, I had a really high Charisma, and was pretty much able to smooth talk my way through almost any situation.

I recently decided I wanted to play through again, but not allow myself to use Charisma to talk my way out of things. I also wanted my character to have high Perception and Intelligence, and that combination of highs and lows made me think of Daria. Thus began the adventures of the Vault Brain.

This was made via Illustrator and drawn pretty much right on top of a screen shot from the show, so the accuracy is nothing to be too impressed about.

It could conceivably be fun to make some fan comics around this merger and it's conceivably possible I might make some someday, particularly given that I've been coming up with ideas for those comics without even really trying. At the very least it would be a good experiment in making decent looking copy-paste comics in Illustrator, which is basically the only way I would have time to make any of those fan comics ^^;
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thats...quite fitting lol
I watched the Spoiler Warning Let's Play of Fallout 3. One thing I have to say is that while the gameplay is fun, the story makes absolutely no sense and neither does a lot of characterisation. I mean, when Fallout: Equestria makes a lot more sense realistically than the game, there's something wrong.
OJr fallout equestriaw could just be that awesome
Little from column A, little from column B, really.
Spell check. Why do you abandon me in the worst of times.
I'm writing an actual Daria Fallout crossover fic.
phildog Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, that game was so pathetically easy. Hell, the final battle basically gets taken care of for you by your followers.

Plus, I hated how flat and unrealistic the characters were. "Dad" was this pussy-footed goodie-two shoes and you were given no other choice but to love him. I hated the fucker, my favorite part of the game was watching him die. Not that I could enjoy it much, you could see it coming a long time before it actually did, and then it sticks a bible verse in your pip-boy, one you can't delete mother fucker.

All that was tolerable, but then the developers decided to metaphorically spit in my face during a optional side version where you have to euthanize Harold. Harold, the most memorable and awesome character from the first two games, was in the 3rd one begging you to end his misery. That was a step to far.
I mentioned this work on the PPMB Daria fanworks forum. I gave you full credit of course, especially since I just used direct links. I hope you don't mind. I love this and the
you bought the original version of fallout 3 not game of the year addition didn't you? Buddy of mine did the same thing told him bout it and he bought the original.

Interesting you'd think of daria. Not many people seem to remember she had a show let alone that she started out as a bevis and butthead character.
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